UKY Series Boilers
Product Code: ÜKY

ÜNMAK ÜKY three-pass heating boilers produced with superior technology comply with EN 303-5 Standard. The special cast grill design makes it suitable for burning any type of domestic and foreign lignite and ensures complete combustion.

It is designed to burn solid fuel, which is known as walnut coal or orange coal in the market.

It provides ease of use with its wide covers that allow easy loading in manual fuel loading.

It has a compact structure with its prismatic body, making it easy to be mounted in narrow spaces.

Thanks to its three-pass structure, it increases the surface of transferring heat energy from smoke to water and reduces emissions.

The heat transfer surface area is increased with the flame smoke pipes, thus the efficiency is increased.

It provides more precise thermostat control with its digital control panel. When it reaches the set temperature, it stops the fan, switches it on again when the temperature drops, and continues heating from where it left off.

Thanks to the fan, it reaches the set temperature faster and provides combustion optimization.

With the option of connecting the room thermostat, it provides the comfort of adjusting the boiler water temperature remotely.

Thanks to the heat insulated body, keeping the temperature emitted from the boiler surface inside saves fuel.

If the outside temperature is high, the boiler can be closed from the control panel. In this case, the burning of fuel is darkened and the burning is postponed after the fan is turned off. When the need for heat arises again, the boiler is opened from the control panel and continues to burn without the need for ignition and reaches the desired temperature in a short time (burning delay can be done up to 24 hours according to the quality of coal).

Thanks to its automatic stop feature, the control panel detects when the fuel runs out; fan and circulation pump stop automatically. This feature saves energy.

Fuel filling, ignition, ash removal and pipe cleaning can be done easily thanks to the easy-to-use large filling, pipe cleaning and ash removal covers.

Its elegant appearance and protection against rusting is provided by covering the body plates coated outside of the boiler with electrostatic powder paint. Boiler surfaces are protected with special wet paint.

Casting grades have been made resistant to high temperatures and their strength has been increased. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be easily installed, disassembled and replaced when necessary.

The ash discharge arm enables the grills to move and after the combustion, the ash is discharged into the ash tray under the grill.

It provides the opportunity to obtain hot water with the addition of hot water storage tank.

  1. Safety Outlet
  2. Chimney
  3. Boiler inlet 
  4. Safety inlet
  5. Ash Box
  6. Ash Discharge cover
  7. Moveable Cast İron Gril
  8. Observing Glass
  9. Protection Cover
  10. Control Board
  11. Water inlet
  12. Filling Cover
  13. Filling/Discharge
  14. Fan
  15. Ash Discharge rod


MODEL ÜKY 16 25 34 45 60 80 100
Fuel Type Wood - Coal - Biomass
Heat Output kW 19 29 40 52 70 93 116
kcal/h 16.000 25.000 34.000 45.000 60.000 80.000 100.000
Burning Chamber Height mm 370 440 400
Burning Chamber Width mm 300 355 500 585
Burning Chamber Length mm 430 500 430 510 660 850 850
Burning Chamber Volume dm3 47,7 65,7 94,6 112,2 145,2 187,0 198,9
Flue Temperature mm 150*300 180*355 190*500 190*585
Water Volume lt 45 70 80 100 130 200 240
Boiler Weight kg 185 230 265 310 370 455 525
Required Draft mbar 0,15-0,20 0,20-0,30 0,25-0,35 0,30-0,40
Min-Max Operating Temperature C 40-80
Return Water Temperature C 40
Maksimum Operating Pressure bar 3
Test Pressure bar 5
Width (a) mm 425 485 625 740
Length (b) mm 800 880 800 920 1080 400 1415
Fan Connection Width (c) mm 200 250
Chimney Connection Height (d) mm 1230 1320 1410 1220 1310
Total Boiler Height (h) mm 1320 1400 1480 1565
Exhaust (Flue) mm 130 160 180 220
Min-Max Flue Temperature C 170-210
Boiler Inlet-Outlet R" 1" 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2"
Expansion Tank Outlet-Inlet R" 3/4" 1" 1 1/2"
Filling-Discharge  R" 1/2" 3/4"
Electrical Connection V/Hz 230 V - 50 Hz

*The right to make changes in dimension is reserved.