UKY/DUOPEL Series Pellet Boilers
Product Code: ÜKY/DUOPEL

ÜNMAK ÜKY/DUOPEL three-pass heating boilers produced with superior technology comply with EN 303-5 Standard. The combustion surfaces in the burner are made of stainless steel (chrome), and the burner coupled to the boiler makes all domestic and foreign wood pellets, and the water pipe grids suitable for burning log woods and provides complete combustion.

The pellet is designed to burn pellets known as wood pellets on the burner, which can also be used as dual fuel. Block wood can be burned on special pipes of high carbon, which serve as a grill on the burner.

It provides healthy burning with automatic fuel loading. Since it loads according to the thermal need, excess fuel in the combustion chamber is prevented.

With the automatic ignition function, boiler operation is provided with a single click from the control panel.

Thanks to the fuel sensor, it is provided to inform the fuel tank that the fuel is over.

It has a compact structure with its prismatic body, making it easy to be mounted in narrow spaces.

Thanks to its three-pass structure, it increases the surface of transferring heat energy from smoke to water and reduces emissions.

It provides convenience in cleaning and chimney draft with its water jacketed-buffer structure.

It provides more precise thermostat control with its digital control panel. It allows intervention to loading settings according to fuel quality, and sends the most appropriate amount of fuel to the combustion chamber. When it reaches the set temperature, it stops the fuel supply and the fan, and when the temperature drops, it activates these parts again and continues the heating from where it left off.

It provides the opportunity to monitor the flue temperature from the control panel.

Thanks to the fan, it reaches the set temperature faster and provides combustion optimization.

With the option of connecting the room thermostat, the comfort of adjusting the boiler water temperature remotely is provided.

Thanks to the heat insulated body, keeping the temperature emitted from the boiler surface inside saves fuel.

If the outside temperature is high, the boiler can be closed from the control panel. In this case, the burning of the fan is darkened when the fan shuts down and the burning is delayed. When the need for heat arises again, the boiler is opened from the control panel and continues to burn without the need for ignition and reaches the desired temperature in a short time (burning delay can be done up to 24 hours depending on the coal quality).

Thanks to its automatic stop feature, the control panel detects when the fuel runs out; fan and circulation pump stop automatically. This feature saves energy.

Thanks to easy-to-use, large filling, cleaning between slices and ash extraction covers, fuel filling, ignition, ash removal between slices can be done easily.

Its elegant appearance and protection against rusting is provided by covering the body plates coated outside of the boiler with electrostatic powder paint. Boiler surfaces are protected with special wet paint.

It provides the opportunity to obtain hot water with the addition of water storage tank.

  1. 1.Gearmotor
  2. 2.Auger
  3. 3.Pellet burner
  4. 4.Ash box
  5. 5.Hopper
  6. 6.Control box
  7. 7.Heating flow line
  8. 8.Heating return line
  9. 9.Fan
  10. 10.Flue
  11. 11.Ash cleaning lid
  12. 12.Safety flow line
  13. 13.Safety return line
  14. 14.Inspection hole
  15. 15.Wood feeding lid
  16. 16.Fuel level sensor
  17. 17.Ignitor
  18. 18.Flue sensor
MODEL - SERIES ÜKY/DUOPEL 25 40 60 80 100
Fuel Type Wood pellet, Wood
Heat Output kw 25 40 60 80 100
Burner Barrel Length mm 250 305
Hopper Volume Lt 215 245 245 245 245
Wood Feeding Volume Lt 48 60 75 80 98
Water Volume Lt 80 115 150 210 255
Boiler Weight Kg 310 400 425 510 585
Draft Pa 25-28 31-33 33-35 35-40
Min-Max Operating Temperature ºC 40-80
Return Water Temperature ºC 40
Maksimum Operating Pressure bar 3
Test Pressure bar 5
Boiler Width (A) mm 1090 1185 1272
Length (B) mm 975 1075 1275 1375
Body Width  (C) mm 550 645 732
Chimney Height (D) mm 1165 1265
Boiler Height H) mm 1475 1575
Auger Disassemb. Distance mm 600
Exhaust (Flue) mm 130 160 180 220
Min-Max Flue Temperature ºC 230
Boiler Flow - Return R" 1" 1 ¼" 1 ½" 2"
Safety Flow - Return R" 1" 1½"
Filling-Discharging R" ½" 3/4"
Electrical Connection V/Hz 230/50

*The right to make changes in dimension is reserved.